Please respond this question APA style and less than 20 % of simi

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Please respond this question APA style and less than 20 % of similarity.  Chapters: 16-17    Seidel’s Guide to Physical Examination 8th  1-Breast and Axillae;Abdomen Quadrants of the left breast and axillary tail of Spence.  Vascular supply to the breast is primarily through branches of which two arteries? a)-What is thelarche?The upper arm drains into which area of lymph nodes?  b)- what changes occur when axillary lymph nodes are removed. 2)-The mother of a girl at Tanner stage 2 asks whether her daughter will start menses early.  a)-What is the correct response to give this mother?  3)-Name the three methods commonly used for ensuring palpation of the entire breast.What do retractions and dimpling signify?   4)-A patient who is in her first trimester of pregnancy asks you what changes she should expect in her breasts. What information and important instructions should you give to this patient? 5)-Describe the appearance of the breasts in postmenopausal women. 6)- Create a chart that compares and contrasts the following conditions: Fibrocystic disease Fibroadenoma Malignant breast tumor 7)-Name the disease of the breast that is a surface manifestation of underlying ductal carcinoma. 8)-What is the peak incidence of breast malignancy?  9)-Explain the kidneys’ role in fluid and electrolyte homeostasis. 10)-How soon after birth bowel sounds should be heard. 11)-What is the function of the alimentary tract? 12)-Which organ plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins? 13)-Generate a list of relevant data to gather when assessing abdominal pain. 14)-How do you would assess for masses in the abdomen and how they would document such findings. 15)-Name the sign that appears as a bluish periumbilical discoloration and suggests intraabdominal bleeding.  16)-What could a single umbilical artery alert you to in a newborn? Which type of hernia is common in infants? 17)-Define Crohn’s disease 18)-If a sudden onset of severe epigastric pain is continuous, unrelieved, and radiating to the groin and back, what problem should be considered? 19)-MB is a 44-year-old white female patient. She is obese, with a past medical history of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes. She admits that she does not exercise. She is being evaluated today for right upper quadrant abdominal pain. 1- Differentiate between the three types of cholecystitis. 2- Describe the method for palpating the gallbladder 3- Differentiate between the common symptoms of cholecystitis pain and the associated symptoms.

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