Please reply to this discussion with one reference.      -In my

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Please reply to this discussion with one reference.      -In my opinion, the middle range theory of Madeleine Leininger cultural care theory can be applied to nursing practice. In nursing practice, we come across patients who have different cultural backgrounds. It’s important as a nurse to respect those cultures and provide appropriate care. “Furthermore, cultural competency is operationalized as health care providers possessing the knowledge, attitudes, and skills that are necessary to work with diverse patient populations” (Donaldson, W. V., & Vacha-Haase, T., 2016, p. 391). The article I came across discussed long term care among LGBT community. The cultural care theory came about in the 1950’s. Leininger discovered that care is important in helping patients recover from illnesses. Leininger noticed that children of different cultures required different care. She realized that care and culture came hand in hand and came up with the cultural care theory. “The need for the new field of transcultural nursing to prepare nurses to function in a multicultural world become clear” (Madeleine M., L., 1988, p.153). Madeleine realized there is a lot to learn about many different cultures.  Due to the different cultures you can see within some nurses, cultural conflicts and those should be addressed. Assumptions underpinning this theory is that caring is essential for curing and healing. Also that there are cultural care differences between the patient and the nurse as well as similarities.  References: Donaldson, W. V., & Vacha-Haase, T. (2016). Exploring Staff Clinical Knowledge and Practice with LGBT Residents in Long-Term Care: A Grounded Theory of Cultural Competency and Training Needs. Clinical Gerontologist, 39(5), 389–409. Jennings K. M. (2017). The Roy Adaptation Model: A Theoretical Framework for Nurses Providing Care to Individuals With Anorexia Nervosa. ANS. Advances in nursing science, 40(4), 370–383. doi:10.1097/ANS.0000000000000175 Madeleine M., L. (1988). Leiningerʼs Theory of Nursing: Cultural Care Diversity and Universality. Nursing Science Quarterly, (4), 152. Retrieved from

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