Play and simulation, consider various Cultures and subcultures

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“Simulations are ways of modeling, faking, or duplicating the real world. From video games to military technology, from driving to flight simulators, from amusement park rides to special effects, from theater to virtual reality, simulations are used to tell stories in our world.” Write a research paper on the simulation and play subject of your choice. You can write about any topic although you must use a critical lens, make an argument and contain the ideas of simulation and play. Within the topics of play and simulation, consider various Cultures and subcultures, the Art of designing and disrupting, and new kinds of Technology that mediates and influences. Make a persuasive argument about, and focused analysis of, some more specific aspect of your topic. 0.(If possible can you included the game “breath of the wild” as an example or central topic on the idea of stimulation and play which is the focus of this research paper)

1. Use 2 or more sources (that I provided) and some outside source. 2.Give your research paper a TITLE! 3. The first paragraph should be included a thesis statement with claims/argument that you want to analyze. 4.Include a Bibliography at the end AND an Inspirational Bibliography (sources that you do not use directly in your paper but that have influenced your research.

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