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This assignment asks you to analyze  Us ” as your primary source and to analyze said primary source using theories about horror in our society as a lens for understanding it.

The purpose of analysis (regardless of disciplinary point of view) is to explain relationships between parts and wholesto break down the object into its constituent parts, find meaning in those parts, and then determine the meaning of the whole object. Your analysis must include a careful tracing of the meaning of those parts and how they relate to the meaning of the whole; remember the meaning of the whole is where you will at a minimum need to include and connect theories about horror to your primary source.

To describe it in a different manner: analyzing a work of art, musical composition, literary work, historical document, philosophical argument, or film is to explain how it “works”—how particular part(s) contribute to some whole in order to enhance understanding of the meaning of the text or artifact. Which part(s) you choose to examine depends largely on the question that you are trying to answer.

You will want to choose a small aspect of your primary source—one that you can really analyze and make a point about in 3-6 pages. Really. A small aspect like a single scene from the movie.

Please use MLA guidelines to document your source(s), both in-text and works cited page. You will need to have at least 2 scholarly secondary sources as support for your ideas and 1 of them may be from our class readings.

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