Part B – Analytical Essay:

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Part B – Analytical Essay

Write a 500-700 word essay critically analyzing:

1) how your project relates to material and phenomena we have studied in the course, and 2) how it fits within the broader world of contemporary game culture and game studies. In your essay, maintain an academic register and an analytical tone, use specific vocabulary and demonstrate critical distance. Organize your analysis carefully and be sure it is clear and readable. Include a properly-formatted list of works cited, and use parenthetical citation throughout your essay following MLA style (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Contextualize your project by referencing a minimum of 3-4 sources from the course readings. Possibilities include: Clara Fernández-Vara, Introduction to Game Analysis (2014) Stephanie Boluk and Patrick Lemieux, “Chapter One: About, Within, Around, Without: A Survey of Six Metagames” (Metagaming, 2017) Ian Bogost, “Political Processes” (Persuasive Games, 2007) Souvik Mukherjee, “Videogames and Postcolonialism: An Introduction” (Videogames and Postcolonialism: Empire Plays Back, 2017) Phillip Penix-Tadsen, “Play” (Cultural Code, 2016) Mark J. P. Wolf, ed., Video Games Around the World (2015) Bjarke Liboriussen and Paul Martin, “Regional Game Studies” (Game Studies, 2016) Anna Everett, “Foreword” (Gaming Representation, 2017) Jennifer Malkowski and Treaandrea M. Russworm, “Introduction: Identity, Representation, and Video Game Studies Beyond the Politics of the Image (Gaming Representation, 2017) Adrienne Shaw, “Conclusion: A Future Free of Dickwolves” (Gaming at the Edge, 2015) Bonnie Ruberg & Adrienne Shaw, “Introduction: Imagining Queer Game Studies” (Queer Game Studies, 2017)

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