Organizational Leadership & Supervision

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*For this assignment I would like for you to explore current or past leaders in your area of work or in your area of academic major. For example, if you work for Texas Instruments, who are current or past leaders? You could also explore leaders from the electronics industry since Texas Instruments is a provider of electronic devices. Or, if you are majoring in Digital Media, who are current or past leaders in that area? Now, thinking of all those possible leaders, who would you say has had the most impact in the area?

*In this assignment I want you to provide a historical perspective. There may have been a particular incident or the person was the first to do something in a particular area. I want you to describe and provide references to details. Provide an explanation of why this person is/was a leader. Explain what occurred, possibly explain what might have been done better (or worse), but be sure to provide references from sources that agree and do not simply give your opinion on what you think s/he might have done better. *The paper must include a contents page listing research paper “sub-heads” and page numbers and references or works cited page. NOTE: Title page, contents page and references page are not part of the 10-12 pages. Paper must be typewritten, single spaced, using 12 point type, standard 1″ margins and must not include an excessive amount of “bullet dots” in the body of the paper. The paper must include footnotes (citations) or references in the body of the paper that correspond to a listing on the references or works cited page. There should be at least 8-10 current references from different sources. Students are encouraged to gather information from actual industry professionals within organizations, in addition to gathering research from the textbook, web, books, journals, ect

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