One paragraph for each.

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One paragraph for each.

  1. What is the difference between official and operational goals?
  2. How do multiple goals fit into a goal hierarchy?

Official goals are the publicly stated objectives that an organization communicates to its stakeholders, such as customers, investors, and employees. They are typically broad and aspirational, reflecting the company’s vision and values. Operational goals, on the other hand, are specific targets that are established to guide day-to-day operations and achieve official goals. They are more concrete and measurable than official goals and tend to be set by managers and employees. The main difference between the two is that official goals are strategic and long-term, while operational goals are tactical and short-term.

A goal hierarchy is a system of multiple goals organized in a hierarchical structure, where each goal is a subset of a higher-level goal. The highest-level goal is typically the organization’s mission or vision, which is then broken down into a set of official goals. Each official goal is then further broken down into operational goals, which are specific and measurable targets that align with the official goals. The idea behind a goal hierarchy is that it helps to ensure that every goal is aligned with the organization’s overall mission and strategy, and that each goal contributes to the achievement of higher-level goals. It also helps to create a sense of coherence and unity among the organization’s various goals, making it easier to prioritize and allocate resources.

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