NURS 4653 INFORMATICS: Health Technology Paper

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NURS 4653 INFORMATICS, s4501, s4502PagesResources: Health Technology Paper Home Announcements Resources: Health Technology Paper What is the Health Technology Paper? Each student will complete a health technology paper detailing one manner in which the student could advocate for the use of a new technology in their specialty area that would improve care. The improvement may be in terms of finances, flow of care, safety, patient outcomes, etc. Choose one new technology you would like to see implemented in your workplace. The introduction should include the nature of the technology and why you would like to see it changed. Provide references/literature reviews that support your conclusions. Using the nursing process, provide assessment data of the problem, develop a plan to convince others to adopt the technology, train them to use the technology (ex- in what format, a hands-on demonstration? An in-service?), and budget constraints involved. Include professional implications such as how you would implement the plan, and how you would evaluate the plan. This should be approximately four-five pages in length. Please upload the paper by the due date. Resources for the Health Technology Paper Health Technology example paper.docxPreview the document Note: the paper is not perfect, but shows an example of what has been done in the past. First person IS acceptable in APA 6th edition. Health Technology Rubric Introduction & Assessment of need for technology 15 points Include thesis statement Introduction of topic, utilizing research and citing sources. Include thesis statement. Why is this new technology important in your setting? What variables might play a role in the need for this technology? What are the implications for nurses, individuals, the community, and the healthcare system if this new technology is implemented? If it is not implemented? Include both economic and health costs. Plan and implementation of plan for use of technology 25 points Should have Measurable goals – ex- a 10% reduction in time spent on task X, versus “reduced time spent on task X” How will you measure? In what population will you apply the plan? When would you measure to see if the plan was effective? What is your solution and why do you believe it would be effective? Cite sources to support your claims. Note any perceived barriers to change. Teaching-learning strategies to show others how to use the new technology How would you gain any needed funding, community support, supplies? Be concrete about where, with what population, and when you would present this information and implement the change How would you implement the plan? For example, if you are doing a teach, would you use a PowerPoint? What barriers to you anticipate and how would you overcome them? Evaluation of the plan 25 points What information would tell you that the plan is successful? Would you continue to monitor the success of the plan? If so, at what intervals? What would need to be in place for the plan to continue to succeed? How would you know if you needed to make changes? Can you find any sources that propose an alternate solution? Conclusion 15 points Your recommendations for change A summary of why the issue is important Implications for the future: additional research needed? If so, what kind? Additional funding needed? Changes in practice needed? APA format, at least 3 references. Two must be nursing journal articles within the last five years. 20 points All areas listed above must have their own section heading All headings, citations, and references must be correctly formatted Perform spelling and grammar check

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