Nostalgia: Adolescence and The Loss of Innocence in The Virgin Suicides.

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For this assignment, the professor is allowing me to do a rewrite of the paper I lost points on. Please take a CLOSE look at the feedback from the professor (attached copy with professor’s comments) The main purpose of the assignment is to do an in depth analysis of the movie The Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola. For this paper, the writer must choose an original approach (for example, the film as propaganda for a certain political/social persuasion; by star as a commentary on race/class/gender; the particular formalist aesthetics of the film; an ideology supported/contested by the film; the verisimilitude of what the film is portraying, etc.). In theory, the writer doest not necessarily need to write the paper from scratch, but can make alterations, edits and add additional information, while taking into consideration the professor’s comments. The writer can use the sources I originally used for this assignment and may also add/change sources accordingly. In this case, the approach that should be taking as the writer analyzes the movie, is one that mentions how the movie addresses adolescent development and depression. PLEASE let me know if you have any questions at all and please make sure to take a look at ALL material provided Attached are: -the instructions for the assignment – a sample paper – the paper i wrote (with no feedback from the professor) – the paper i wrote WITH feedback notes from the professor In addition to that, please take a careful look at the email the professor sent us before the assignment was due as guidance: One thing I forgot to mention yesterday is that you need to make sure that you are analyzing the film as a FILM and not as a “story.” So, when you cite the film to support a point, you should not simply state the plot event. You must explain how that event is photographed and how the cinematic elements shape the meaning. If your analysis could work without actually watching the film (by, for example, just reading a plot summary) then it is not a film paper. You must explain how the content is conveyed VISUALLY. Another way to think of this is that your paper must include the vocabulary and techniques we have discussed during the semester. It is your chance to show me what you have learned about film analysis by taking the course.

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