Newspaper Article- Abortion

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Find 1 NEWSPAPER Article written somewhere between August 2018- Now( May 2019 ) The Topic needs to be on Abortion- Find a NEWSPAPER ARTICLE about Abortion from one of the mandatory sources listed below. 1. Be very specific and correct 2. Provide a synopsis THEN an analysis for your topic, explaining the relationship between what is presented in the article and the concept explained in the textbook. 3. Provide your personal perspective about the article. Let your voice be heard, explain what you truly think, do not just restate what the article is saying . YOU MUST ONLY USE THE FOLLOWING SOURCES TO FIND THE NEWSPAPER ARTICLES- MUST BE A NEWSPAPER ARTICLE – NOTHING ELSE. 1. New York Times 2.Washington Post 3. Chicago Tribune or 4. Los Angeles Times The 4 above are the ONLY sources you can retrieve your Newspaper Article from. USE APA FORMAT AND IN-TEXT CITATIONS, YOU NEED TO CITE BOTH THE NEWS ARTICLE and TEXTBOOK with page #s in each analysis. 2 FULL PAGES NO MAGAZINES, NO EDITORIALS – ONLY Newspaper Articles

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