Newborn nursery infection prevention.

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 Using PowerPoint, prepare a presentation utilizing five(5) or more research study articles (minimum of 3 of which must be nursing research-could find in CINAHL) providing evidence to support an aspect of nursing practice. The point of this assignment is to educate your peers on an aspect of evidence-based practice that they may want to implement in their practice when they achieve professional registered nurse status. This is your opportunity to integrate research into practice and share with your peers!! (This is NOT meant to be an inservice presentation to your peers!!) -Must include. 1 PIC question, cite all references and grade all references using Evidence Grading ( ex of scale: A1- Evidence from well designed meta-analysis or well done systematic review with results that consistently support a specific action, A2- evidence from one or more RCTs with consistent action, B1- Evidence from high quality EBP guidelines, B2- Evidence from one or more quasi-experimental studies with consistent results, C1-evidence from observational study with consistent results, C2-evidence from observational studies or controlled trials with inconsistent results, D0-evidence from expert opinon, multiple case reports or national concensus reports) References cited in correct APA format throughout the presentation. All references are current. (within 5 years)

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