Music: Artistic project

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Artistic project. An artistic project, musical piece, visual art, film, dance, poetry, this list could get long. This one is much more open so talk to me about ideas.

-Research paper.  This is a music research paper but I encourage you to tie it into your own major or area of interest.  For example, if your major is history, you might research the music that was being made during a particular era or event.  If your major is early childhood development or neurology, you might research music’s effect on neurophysiology or behavior. If your major is cultural anthropology, you might research music’s role in the everyday life of your peers or in various social events.  If your major is computer science, you might research how music is being used to help analyze large data sets or digital synthesis. If your major is business, you might research the effects of digital distribution on record sales or how music helps to drive the marketing of a given product or product line.  If your major is premed, you might research music therapy and how it has been used to help treat various diseases.  If your major is electrical engineering, you might research the various types of transducers used in audio engineering and how they’ve developed over the years.  Etc.  It doesn’t have to be tied to your major.  I just want you to choose a topic that you will find interesting and useful.


-Concert reports, like the ones for assignments 5 and 6.  However, for the extra credit reports you can choose any style or genre of music you wish.  It still must be a live performance, meaning musicians performing for a live audience that includes yourself, and you still must turn in a ticket stub or program. Also a quick side note, for a large majority of popular music (and really all music) the performing artist is not the composer.  There is a difference between ‘by’ and ‘performed by’. 

-Listening response. You may also choose to write a listening response to an album of your choosing.  Again, you can pick any style or genre you wish.  The following are some suggestions for topics to research or discuss in your paper.  The biography of the artists and composers. The production of the album. Where, when, and how it was recorded? Who played on it? Who produced it? Who engineered it? What equipment did they use? How long did it take to record? What was the historical context for this album? How was it received? Is there a theme that runs through the album?  Your intellectual and emotional reaction to the album. Has this course changed the way you think about or listen to music and this album in particular, if so how? You don’t need to include all or any of these topics in your paper these are just suggestions.

The papers should be at least 3 pages of 12 point double spaced type each. Title pages and bibliographies do not count towards length Use Chicago style footnotes, bibliography, and formatting where necessary. 

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