MSCM 4600- Mass Comm Theory and Research

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 Mini Research Project Instructions Objective: Using your group topic of study, or a new topic, select one research method discussed this semester, to analyze and expand upon, for your final project research. All research papers will need the following elements. Introduction: • Describe why your topic is a good topic to study. • ½ page • Is your introduction compelling? • Does your evidence convince the reader your topic is worth studying? • This is where popular or trade literature might be used to boost your justification of your topic. Method: • ½ – 1 Page • Choose ONE of the methods below and explain HOW you conducted the research. Sample size & why, exact procedure you followed. • Include in the method section (possibly in an appendix) o Survey method- a copy of survey questions o Content Anaylsis- A copy of the coding sheet Findings • Only include this section in your research paper if you selected survey or content analysis for your research method. • This section only focuses on the numbers! • Discuss 2 – 3 interesting points you found while conducting your research method. • Approximately 1 paragraph per finding. • This section may be longer or shorter depending whether or not you are choosing to paste charts into this section. Discussion: • The “So What?”

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