Mosque Architecture

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The parameters of the essays are flexible in topic choice, and they require engagement with more than one geographic sphere and/or time period. You will need to select two artworks from different time periods and two different geographic locations. You are required to draw connections, comparisons, and contradistinctions between the histories of the two or more locales, and you are encouraged to think thematically. The goal in this type of research is that it resists any compartmentalization of historical narrative, and allows you to better think globally and transnationally. You should do a visual analysis on the objects chosen.

The essay should be maximum ten pages (not including footnotes and bibliography) and must be typed in 12pt, double spaced, and Chicago manual style.

The title, your name and student ID should appear on the cover of the assignment. Images must be referenced, as any other kind of material you use. The Topic i want to write about is Mosque Architecture SPECIFICALLY the minarets found in Mosques from the Ottoman Period in Istanbul and the Mamluk Dynasty in Egypt. THE FOCUS OF THE PAPER should be the Minarets. please consult back with me about which 2 mosques you will be choosing before writing the paper.

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