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  1. Write an essay of at least five paragraphs in which you classify only ONE of these groups:  boyfriends, or dates (or first dates) or husbands, or marriages, or divorces.Be sure to follow the format below for writing a 5 paragraph essay, including the correct paragraph length for each paragraph (P1 and 5 – 5 sentences, and P2,3,4 6-8 sentences).
    Paragraph one should state the thesis and 3 key ideas that will be discussed.
    Paragraphs 2,3,4 discus each of the 3 key ideas and include examples and explanations, and
    Paragraph 5 restates the thesis, 3 key ideas and includes a closing statement.Please proofread the essay carefully before submitting it to the dropbox.
    Use the attached mind mapping sheet file for brainstorming your topic and think carefully about the basis of classification you want to use and make sure that all of your categories fit this basis.Click on the links to view the short videos on revision, mechanics, and grammar:
    Sentence Fragments
    Sentence Variety
    Paragraph Unity
    Subject-Verb Agreement

Classification essay What are friends for?


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