Medical ethics

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The paper should be 1750-2000 words, double spaced. “Please construct an argument either in favour of or against any 2 of the following 3 statements listed below. You should submit only ONE document but answer the questions separately, clearly indicating where one ends and the other begins. You are welcome to relate the two questions in terms of your discussion/argument. You should allot roughly 1000 words per question:

1. Medical ethicists like to make a big deal about the difference between ethics based on the consequences of one’s actions and an ethics based on Kantian views about one’s duties, but, from the standpoint of medical ethics this dispute isn’t really all that important. 2. We can’t really get anywhere in medical ethics unless we settle the question of what a person is. 3. People talk about ‘commodification’ like it’s always a bad thing, but it’s not; sometimes it’s OK to be treated as a commodity.”

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