Media Analysis – Culture to Cultures

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In this assessment we explore how media and communication are mediated by cultural context. You will write a 2000 word essay (with a 10% leeway over or under) analysing media representations of an issue in ONE particular country. You should analyse 2 – 3 media representations (eg: an article or editorial from a newspaper, a film/TV show, advert, comic, blog or vlog post, YouTube video etc), and incorporate discussion of the concepts and theories discussed in the unit to inform your analysis, eg: essentialism and non-essentialism, stereotyping, othering, culturism. Your analysis can consider questions such as: In what ways is the representation essentialist/ non-essentialist? Are any kinds of stereotypes being deployed and how do you account for that portrayal? Is Othering evident? etc. You must refer to at least three scholarly texts in addition to the unit textbook to inform and support your analysis. PLEASE FIND THE TOPICS IN THE OUTLINE ATTACHED. Please careful read the outline for clear instructions and also the marking rubrics for you stay on tracks

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