Mdsa02 Term Paper: Select 2 movies—one American, one International

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Select 2 movies—one American, one International—that have had a significant influence on audiences or other movies. Critics have long cited America’s cultural imperialism (see Chapter 7), flooding the world with US movies, music, television shows, fashion, and products. The strength of American cultural and economic power is evident when you witness a Thai man in a Tommy Hilfiger shirt watching Transformers at a Bangkok bar while eating a hamburger and drinking a Coke. Critics feel that American-produced culture overwhelms local movies (like Canadian movies). Usually 80% of movies in world cinemas are American.

But this type of “influence” or imperialism also goes many ways: Hong Kong action movies influence Hollywood, going back long before The Matrix and Rush Hour with their many fighting scenes. The Japanese director Akira Kurosawa influenced George Lucas and Star Wars. The Japanese film Ringu became the US horror classic The Ring and influenced dozens of US films in the 2000s. The Norwegian action film In Order of Disappearance introduced dark comedy (which many see as common in Norway, Denmark and Sweden) into the action genre, and was remade with Liam Neeson as Cold Pursuit. In your essay, examine the 2 movies. How has the US movie influenced trends or promoted US values in its story? How has the International movie influenced US movies or culture—in a way that you can see? You must be able to show the influence of the International movie (it could be in styles, scenes, fashion etc adopted by US movies). Write a Compare and Contrast style essay.

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