Marketing Digest: Bali, Indonesia

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 In this paper, you will act as professional marketing consultants. You will pick a destination and do research on that destination and its marketing/promotion efforts. This paper will have three parts. Paragraph 1: Destination selected (e.g. Vermont or Italy), you will talk about the product or products (types of tourism they offer), geographical location, if possible culture and customs. Doing so will help us understand more the product we want to promote. (Look for videos on YouTube) Paragraph 2: After researching and evaluating current and past (3 years back) marketing efforts, you will give me your professional point of view. Who are they targeting? Do they promote all of their products (beaches, ecotourism, etc.), is it different or does it lack identity? Do they sell to both domestic and international travelers? What did you like about it? Do they have a social media presence? Did it make you want to go? Paragraph 3: What would you do differently? Any recommendations? Give me your ideas. This is the creative part of the paper.

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