Madama Butterfly by David Henry Hwang.

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For this essay, we will be writing about Madama Butterfly by David Henry Hwang. Since plays do not give readers immediate access to the character’s thoughts, you need to pay close attention to the interaction between dialogue, stage direction, lighting, scenery to understand the character’s motivations and feelings. Some of the most important themes in the play have to do with social constructions of race and gender, so  it would make sense to focus on these topics. Does the play believe that categories like West and East, Male and Female are natural? If not, where do they come from? And who do they benefit? Suggested topic: What does the play show us about how stereotypes can shape how we perceive ourselves and others? According to the play, how do stereotypes affect us and why are they harmful? How do we explain Gallimard’s inability to see Song for what Song really is and determination to see Song as Butterfly? Formatting and requirements: Times New Roman 12 pt font Double spaced Make use of at least 4 sources, one of which must be either a peer reviewed journal article or book Include at least 1 quote or paraphrase from each source Have a Works Cited page at the end of your essay in MLA format

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