Linguistical analysis of the text

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Do the textual analysis on the attached text. The attached ebook can be used for reference. In text analysis, please include following parts as different headers: 1. Summary Summary of the analyzed text should not exceed three sentences or 80 words. 2. Composition This part should include analysis of seven textuality standards: cohesion, coherence, intentionality, acceptability, informatability, situationality, and intertextuality. 3. Semantic fields Do semantic field analysis of the text. Create a table with few columns in which header line you must put the word which describes that column and in following rows under that word you add words from the text that relates to that word in the header row. Outside the table, analyze the words you included in table and relationship to the word on the header row. One word can fall in multiple “categories” in that table or even can create a new column (category). 4. Attitude and mood Analyze and describe the attitude and mood of the text according to the words, phrases, and expressions used in the text.

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