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Learning to read involves mastery and integration of a number of complex processes. Briefly discuss this statement with reference to relevant research, before offering a more in-depth focus on aspects of reading significant to a particular group of learners and suggesting some implications for practice.

– The aim is for a cogent and critical discussion, rather than a wide range of references. A final submission of an assignment should fulfil the assignment topic in its entirety. The assignment should also be grammatically correct, checked for spelling, well laid out and coherent. You must adhere to the word count of 4000 words (plus/minus 10%).  Your work should be word-processed with the left margin at 4cm and the other margins at 2.5cm. Arial font size 12 is a good choice for readability.  Pages must be numbered consecutively, including the references. Numbering pages in both drafts aids assignment tutors in offering feedback.  Avoid errors of punctuation and spelling. Keep your tense usage consistent. Check your work by using the spell checker on the word processor and also ask a friend to proof read your completed work.  Use headings and paragraphing to structure your essay and aid clarity.

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