Latin American philosophy

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On your view, what is the most important theme or problem that Latin American philosophers are dealing with? Summarize the view or answer to this theme/problem that at least three of philosophers we have read this term have provided. Whose position do you like best and why? Or if you didn’t like any, what is your view? Part of your answer to this question should include a discussion of what you think Latin American philosophy is, what it ought to do (or be doing), and whether or not you think that there is such a thing. Specifics: This assignment should take no less than four pages to complete, but it should also be no longer that six pages. The format for this paper should be as follows: double-spaced, 12-point (Times New Roman) font, and citations should follow MLA style. Things to keep in mind: Successful papers will be those that do not assume the reader is already familiar with Latin American philosophy. A helpful hint is to write as though the person you are addressing is a very smart friend of yours who is not in this class, but is interested about it. The only difference is that your answer needs to be backed up with textual support (i.e. quotes).

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