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Land Law There are 2 questions. Question 1 & Question 2 Word Limit The OVERALL WORD LIMIT for this Land Law essay is 1750 WORDS 900 words for Question 1 850 words for Question 2 Referencing and Citations You are NOT required to reference your work in accordance with the Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA), nor are you required to produce a bibliography. Instead you should cite any relevant legislation and case law in the body of your email. For case law, please give the name of the case and the year, you do not need to give the full citation. For example: • ‘As a material term of the contract is to be varied, s 2 Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (LP(MP)A 1989) must be complied with.’ • ‘In order to be a valid deed, the document must comply with the requirements of s1 LP(MP)A 1989.’ • ‘The easement must be essential to the use of the land, not just desirable (Pryce v McGuiness (1966)).’ • ‘For the burden of the covenant to pass, according to Tulk v Moxhay (1848) it must be negative in substance.’ Note that using abbreviations for cases is acceptable provided that you have defined abbreviation before you use it. For example ‘The trust interest can be registered as a restriction on the Proprietorship Register under s40 Land Registration Act 2002 (LRA 2002). As the interest has not been registered, then according to s29 LRA 2002, it will not bind the purchaser…..’ ASSESSMENT QUESTIONS Question 1 The following documents relate to the first of the problem scenarios for which you must draft written advice in the form of an email to your supervisor. The advice should set out and explain the legal advice to be given to the client. Identify the issues, state the law, apply and then advise. This morning you arrived at work to find a new file on your desk. On it is a note from your supervisor. In the file is your supervisor’s attendance note of a telephone conversation with the client, Oscar Cowan. These documents, which contain your first problem to address, are set out on the following pages. You should read the note from your supervisor and the attendance note to gather the essential facts of the case and to identify the client’s legal problems.

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