Lab9 gas law

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Students assume the role of a chemical engineer as they design a less expensive and less toxic automotive air bag restraint system. Students are introduced to a model air bag that is inflated using a simple CO2 generating reaction in a plastic bag. In the first activity, the volume of carbon dioxide needed to fill the bag at room temperature and pressure is calculated using a balanced chemical equation, stoichiometry calculations, and the ideal gas law. In Activity 2, the calculated amounts of reagents from Activity 1 are tested and the air bag is activated. Several tests are performed until the correct amount of reagents is determined. For the final activity, the quantity of reagents required to fully inflate an actual driver’s side and passenger’s side air bag is calculated. All labs must be written-up as Formal Lab Reports and have the following sections: · Purpose · Experiment · Data and Observations · Calculations · Conclusions · Lab Question Answers · References Labs must be submitted as a single uploaded file

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