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Relevant data on all public firms can be freely obtained using web services such as Edgar (www.sec. gov/Edgar.shtml). (For guidance on how to pull data from the Securities and Exchange Commission web¬site, ask your instructor to download instructions from the Instructor’s Resources tab in Connect for the fourth edition. Annual reports for firms also are a treasure trove of information. These reports and other quarterly update materials are often available from the firm’s own website (look for “about us” or “investor rela¬tions” tabs, often located at the bottom of the compa¬ny’s website). Additionally, most university and public libraries have access to large databases of articles from many trade publications. (Factiva and ABI/Proquest are two examples.) Company profiles of a variety of publicly listed firms are available at reliable websites such as and Many industries have quite active trade associations that will have websites and publications that can also be useful in this process. Your local librarian can likely provide you with additional resources that may be licensed for library use or that are otherwise not available online. Examples of these are Value Line Ratings & Reports and Datamonitor.

1. Include a title page with your names, etc. This title page should include “Compiled by” and the name of the person in charge of putting the document together.
2. no fewer than 10 pages. Please limit the pages to no more than 20 pages double spaced, size 12 font, etc.
3. the question need in bold and the answer beneath it.

1. Provide a brief history of the company.
Your answer here…..
2. List the top management of the firm and note what experience and leadership skills the executives bring to the firm. If it is a larger conglomerate, list both the corporate and business managers.





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