IT system modernization

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IT system modernization

Class Project Your white paper should be in Microsoft Word format, one-inch margins, Times New Roman font, size 12, and be double spaced. Your papers should be between 10 to 12 pages in length, not counting the Cover Page. You are the Information Technology Manager for Titan Industries, a Florida based company that makes Widgets for several clients all over the world. For years, the company has relied on outdated Information Technology assets to do business. The newly appointed CEO has approached you and said that he wants you to update the company’s IT infrastructure and equipment to better position the company to compete in today’s global marketplace. You have been asked to perform an assessment of the company’s current outdated Information Technology assets (hardware, software, etc.) and make recommendations for upgrades or replacement of those systems by writing a white paper for your upper management. You will then give a slide presentation, to your upper management, to discuss your findings. First, you must do an Internet search and identify the IT assets that you wish to use as the baseline for the outdated Information Technology assets at Titan Industries.

Second, identify the reasons why the current system is not sufficient for Titan Industries to compete in the global marketplace. Third, identify the upgrades or replacements that you wish to make to the existing technologies. Include the costs for all equipment, software, installation, training, and any other costs associated with your recommendations. Finally, discuss how Titan Industries will benefit from the new technologies that you are recommending. Your white paper should have the following format: • Cover Page containing the following information: o The Title of the paper o Your Name o Your Title with the company (e.g. Information Technology Manager) o The Date o The Titan Industries Logo (you may create one or modify one you find online) • Table of Contents • Introduction – discusses the problem and why you are writing this white paper • Outdated Information Technology Assets Description • Reasons why the current system is considered outdated • Recommended upgrades or replacements (include all costs) • Benefits of the new system to Titan Industries • Conclusions • References Slide which Benefits of the new system to Titan Industries

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