Interview a member of the Design-Build industry

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Part I: Cover Page Include the following information on a cover sheet: • _Interviewer: Your name, class name, report name • _Interviewee: Name, title, company name, email address, phone number • _Method of Interview: In-person, Phone, Skype, etc. • _Date of Interview

Part II: Description of the Interview In this section, describe how you felt about the interview and how it went. What kind of overall information were you able to obtain? What went right? Wrong? How in-depth did the conversation get? Did the answers get beyond a touch and go; or stay on a general level. How comfortable was the interviewee? Summarize the results of the interview, and mention any particularly interesting information gained. This section should be at least one page.

Part III: Interview Questions and Answers This section will make up the bulk of your report because you are presenting the questions of the interviewer and the responses that you received from the respondent. In other words, provide the questions used during the interview and the interviewee’s responses. Be sure to take notes during your interview so that this portion can be thoroughly documented. Although your answers should be thoroughly described, there is no need to use any quotation marks in this section. This section should be at least two pages. For Part III, you must ask the 5 Required Questions listed below. You must also develop 5 Questions of your own to ask your interviewee. This means you will ask the interviewee at least 10 questions.

1. What is your title, and what are your responsibilities? 2. Why did you choose to work for a Design-Build company instead of traditional firm? 3. What is the organizational arrangement of your design-build company? do you have designers in-house, do you employ architects and engineers, describe the organization of your firm 4. How do you find or identify projects? what means do you use to locate jobs, how do you hear about prospective jobs, where do you find projects 5. What makes your company unique? Part IV: What I Learned Describe what you learned about the concept or entity below in at least one paragraph each. • _What I learned about Design-Build • _What I learned about the company • _What I learned about the interviewee

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