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Write a short paper about how theories found in current PRJ about International Supply Chain. Use these in two assigned readings including at least 6 additional articles from current business journals.

No more than 7 pages in APA format. No Wikipedia, Blogs with ads from or, as they present a biased opinion.



Helfen, M., Nicklich, M., & Fortwengel, J. (2017). Enacting global competition in local supply chain environments: German “Chemieparks” and the micro-politics of employment relations in a CME. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 28(18), 2656–2683.
Basso, F., D’Amours, S., Rönnqvist, M., & Weintraub, A. (2019). A survey on obstacles and difficulties of practical implementation of horizontal collaboration in logistics. International Transactions in Operational Research, 26(3), 775–793.


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