Intercultural Communication Film Analysis: Culture Shock & Relationships

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 Culture Shock & Relationships Film Analysis through movie “Coming to America” and relate it to the textbook Intercultural Competence: Intercultural Communication Across Cultures, New York, Pearson Education by Lustig, M.W., Koester, J., & Halualani, R. (2018) Chapter 10, 11, 12. 1.Introduction (1/2page) In the first paragraph, briefly introduce the film and the paper. Describe how this film relates to the selected textbook chapter and classroom discussion on intercultural communication. 2. Apply the Intercultural Communication Concept to the Film (1/2 -1 page) Next, provide an application of the concept. The summary should have the following information: –Clearly define and explain what is the intercultural communication concept (accurately cite this information either from your textbook or a research study) –Provide an example of the intercultural communication concept from the film. Be detailed and descriptive. –Describe why it is important to be aware of this concept. 3. Analysis and Conclusion (1/2page) Lastly in the conclusion, explain if you liked or disliked the film. Did you find the film accurate or interesting portrayal of intercultural communication? What are some aspects of the film that you enjoyed/found disturbing? Do you think this is an effective film for analyzing various realms of intercultural communication? Why or Why not? What is the most significant thing you learned about intercultural communication or your concept in this film and from writing this paper?

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