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Explain the co-culture interactions and where barriers exist to what effect.
Discuss this course through the movie.
Look below the surface.
What co-cultures are in play and what bias/co cultural bias or conflict is being communicated?
When discussing use the co-culture(s) being represented in the movie.
Look for subleties of communication.
Observe below the surface from a co-cultural communication perspective.
Observe and describe the nonverbal communication: include as many of the relevant following general
appearance, dress, body movements, posture, facial expressions, gestures, tough, eye contact, values and
philosophies about life concerns and/or anything you feel of important about the understanding of the meaning
of intercultural activity and interaction between co-cultures and ensuing conflicts.
Where do breakdowns occur?
Also observe the following verbal communication: tone of voice, gender, class, age, etc.
All aspects of the co-cultures observed in your chosen movie.
What have you learned? How will it help you interacting with the co-culture of the movie you have chose –
Remember the Titans

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