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Accurately keep track of 2 days of intake (24 hr/day), including all meals, snacks, and liquids consumed. Make a notation of any supplements that you take that day on your written report. Choose 1 weekday and 1 weekend day. Be sure to write down the date, day of the week, food and quantity. If it is a mixed food, you will have to estimate the ingredients e.g. tossed salad might contain 1 cup lettuce, ¼ c. grated carrot, ½ c. cucumber, etc. To be more precise, you should measure quantities.

Use dietary analysis software at ( No other software program is acceptable because many others do not analyze all known nutrients. When using, click on create a profile and complete as directed. You must create a profile so your name will be on the pages of the food/nutrient report. Students can use the MyPlate app to track their food intake however you must use the website to create the detailed Excel report under Export Data for each day separate






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