Implications for Leadership

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Article Review Format: Divide the paper into three sections with the following subheadings:

1. Summary: 2. Analysis: 3. Implications for Leadership:

Article Review Rubric: Article 1: Summary A concise explanation of the article; void of personal opinion, remarks, and reactions. Article 1: Analysis An explanation of personal opinions and reactions including points of agreement and/or disagreement. Feel free to include the positions of other scholars to support/refute your argument. Article 1: Implications for Leadership What does this mean with regard to leadership? How does this article enhance, enrich and assist your knowledge or philosophy of leadership? Then again, the article may not be relevant to leadership at all, explain your assertions and how it possibly could affect you as an educator in the public school system. Article 1: Article Provided Article Attachment Included as pdf or link Article 1: Writing Conventions Writing Conventions (Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, Spelling)

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