“Immutable Laws of Marketing”

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“Immutable Laws of Marketing” in our recent lecture. Choose a global company (please……. other than Apple….. please oh please) to which as many of these “laws” apply to, covered in the lecture. For example, Anheuser-Busch (now AB-Inbev) is a leader in beer brewing (law #1), and it truly owns the monicker “king of beers” as a dominant brewing company that offers numerous types of beers and related beverages (law #6). However, it is perceived to be not a premium producer (law #4), but rather low-to-mid-quality mass-production. Therefore, choose a global company to which any of the 22 laws apply to, and to which some do not. Discuss and support your argument with at least 4 supportive References, and contrast the company you’ve chosen to at least one (1) comparable competitor. You can cover as many laws of marketing as you wish! Approximately 2 pages, double-spaced (not counting title or reference page), Font 12, with supportive citations and minimum of four (4) References. APA not necessary

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