I need a 2 or 3 sentence comment on each paragraph Paragraph

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I need a 2 or 3 sentence comment on each paragraph Paragraph 1 A health promotion model that can initiate behavioral changes is the family systems theory. This theory looks at the family rather than everyone within the unit. This theory looks at how each individual member affects the whole family as one. Behavioral changes come when a new member is added like a birth, when a loss has happened such as a death or when a member becomes sick and other members must pick up and carry forward with the daily duties. This model helps teach and promote health and behavioral changes by allowing the whole family to make the changes as one instead of individuals. From personal experience some barriers I have seen in the short time I have practiced being a nurse is cultural barriers, hearing or seeing impairments and the inability to read or understand what is being taught. Another big barrier is that as nurses we typically explain or give written instructions and do not use the patients learning preference when teaching important topics that these patients need to know to initiate behavioral changes. A patient’s or even a persons readiness and willingness I feel highly affect the learning outcomes because people will not learn if they do not feel the need or want to learn what is being taught and this will just make the nurse and patient both frustrated and eventually just give up all together. Paragraph 2 In all cases, nurses should teach and advise patients by promoting behavioral changes in their current lifestyles and encouraging them to reduce behaviors that could put them at risk and could cause illness or worsen chronic conditions. Nursing and other healthcare Together professionals can influence rising healthcare costs by promoting positive behavioral changes in patients and reduce dependence on the healthcare system (Edelman, Kudzma and & Mandle, 2014)”. First, we have to assess the condition that the learning needs of the patient, and any barriers to learning that might exist. The barriers that affect a patient’s ability to learn is a variety of complex factors such as culture, environment, language, education level, age, mental attitude regarding health status, cultural beliefs, and knowledge of current health status. According to the learning needs and abilities of different patients who have tailored teaching plan can be formulated. For example, the people who have diabetes, we need to provide diabetes knowledge to patients to understand the dangers of complications and prevention. Explain the occurrence and development of diabetes, inform the complications of diabetes caused by an uncontrolled diet and exercise. Adjust the diet, exercise, and insulin or oral medicinal dosage according to the doctors’ concerns for the patient’s situation. Recognize the normal range of glucose, and regularly check the amount of glucose tolerance whether it is effectively controlled. Prevent hypoglycemia and carry sugar with patients when they go out. Pay attention to the harm and prevention of diabetes complications. At the same time, it is necessary to allow the patient to give feedback information, and it has been determined that the patient has indeed absorbed what has been learned so that the expected goal of learning can be achieved. As nurses, we should work with other health care providers. Develop a plan that lists measurable learning goals to identify expected behavioral changes that will be measured based on the learning process. Goals should be stated behaviorally, specifying the desired outcomes and incorporating them into the care plan. A behavioral goal is to describe the actions that a patient will learn to promote healthy behavioral changes.

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