How should the world respond to a sweatshop

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1. How should the world respond to sweatshops? Ravisankar, Rajeev. “Sweatshop Oppression.” Practical Argument: A Text and Anthology, edited by Laurie G. Kirszner and Stephen R. Mandell, Bedford St. Martin, 2017, pp. 117-118. 2. Read the article closely. As you read, make annotations. Underline key passages and make notes in the margins. 3. Reread the article. This time, as you read, write brief 1-2 sentences summaries of each paragraph or section of the article. 4. Once you have written your mini-summaries, bring these together into a 1-1½ page summary of the article as a whole. Be sure to compare your summary to the original text to make sure you are not misrepresenting the author’s position. 5. Write a 1-1½ page response to the article which states a claim about the topic in relation to the article’s claim. If you agree with the argument made in the article, extend the argument by articulating reasons and evidence (not cited by the author) to support the claim. If you disagree, provide reasons and evidence explaining why you found the claim unconvincing. (Note: this may require you to do some secondary research. Be sure to cite any additional sources you end up using.)

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