How Juror #8 saved the boy’s life

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This assignment will be completed toward the goal of identifying some set of formal, thematic, or contextual patterns in your film and crafting an argument articulating how one can most meaningfully understand these patterns. Watch closely, read scholarly essays, find examples, and make a strong argument. Above all, it is crucial for you to bring form, content, and context into account. Well-organized final draft of 1500-2000 well-written words, including an introduction which ends with your clear thesis statement, sufficient main body paragraphs to prove the thesis, a conclusion which reaches beyond the thesis (a conclusion is not a summary), and in-text citation of sources and simple bibliography in MLA style. ——————— the movie is {{{{12 angry men}}}.The essay argument is (((How Juror #8 saved the boy’s life))). The resources must be scholar resources. Do not include a plot summary. Thesis statement must be strong and include the argument.

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