How editing and publishing practices have changed over time.

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This major analytical essay focuses on how editing and publishing practices have changed over time. Pick one of the three approaches listed below. 1. Outline the history and development of a publishing model and critically evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. Examples could include (but are not limited to) online subscription news services, small presses that utilise new publishing technologies, self-publishing, or ‘ad-free’ magazines. 2. Choose a recent significant change that has occurred in the field of publishing. This might be the increasing shift to online publishing, the availability of ‘print on demand’ technology, various social movements (e.g. growing awareness of cultural appropriation, #timesup etc.) or another shift that you identify. In your essay provide a detailed discussion of the change and analyse its impacts. 3. It has been argued that the rise of social media has democratised publishing since anyone can now be a publisher, which allows everyone to have a voice. To what extent do you agree with this, and why? In your essay provide an argument for or against the democratising effects of social media, supported with critical analysis. In your essay you need to consider: – shifts in technologies, economic models, and reader/audience expectations; – the changing social and cultural contexts in which editing and publishing happen; – the ethical and legal repercussions of these changes; and – how such changes give rise to new relationships between writer, editor, publisher and reader. You are expected to introduce specific real-life examples from both past and present to illustrate your arguments. You must also cite a mixture of academic and journalistic sources as evidence. Wikipedia and other similar encyclopaedia and directory-style websites are not acceptable sources. Use Harvard referencing style to indicate the sources of all quotes, paraphrasing and factual material using in-text citations, and include a reference list of all works cited:

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