Healthcare value chain

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 Description Explain the major participants in the healthcare value chain (HCVC), including their varying incentives. Analyze the application of the iron triangle to the HCVC. Reimagine the original HCVC in light of the ACA. Critique the benefits and deficiencies of the ACA and how the current legislative situation affects each participant in the modified healthcare value chain. Each written assignment in the course should contain the following elements: Abstract: Your abstract should be brief, but it should explain the problem, your motivation for solving the problem, an explanation of your approach to solving the problem, and background information that will lead to your conclusions/implications. Introduction: Begin with a thesis statement that states the focus of your paper. Then discuss the three to five key points that your paper will explore. Body of Paper: Discuss each of the key points outlined in your introduction, providing detailed research from the study materials provided for you in the module and including any other academic research you have conducted. Be sure to use proper APA format for all citations. Summary: Wrap up the concepts you’ve discussed and summarize the main ideas you have discussed throughout the body of the paper. Conclusion: Transition to the ending of your paper and provide final thoughts on what recommendations you have or what you think the future landscape will look like. References: Include all sources you used (both from the module’s study materials and any additional sources) in a separate References page. Follow APA format. Liu, D. (2012, October 26). The iron triangle of health care is not law, but an observation [Blog]. (In this blog entry, Dr. Liu looks at the iron triangle as an observation rather than as a law. He argues that the next generation of doctors must be trained in disciplines outside of healthcare in order to collaborate and accept other ways of looking at the same challenges.) Pop, A. (2015, June 10). Value chain in healthcare and the affordable care act: Key takeaways [Blog]. (Dr. Pop presents four key takeaways for the value chain in healthcare and the ACA in this blog entry. She highlights the looming payment reform, the supply chain, and the need for standardization.)

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