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You are the director of a national public health policy organization. Elected legislators have asked you educate
them about Black health inequities, and their causes. You need to write two policy essays to educate the
legislators, so that they are informed about these issues. Make sure to demonstrate your clear understanding
of the context: that Black: White health inequities in the United States are vast, have persisted over time, and
are deeply rooted in the history of slavery, and the later state-sanctioned (and de facto) ways in which second
class citizenship for Blacks in the U.S. have been enshrined in our political and social structures and social
In each of the two policy essays, you need to persuasively and passionately do the following, using evidence
from class (only). Each essay should be 5 to 8 pages long (double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1
inch margins).
Policy Essay 1, due on October 22 by 9pm
Give a clear picture of the patterns in U.S. Black health inequities. Also describe how the inequitable
distribution of health promoting social conditions (SES and non-economic factors) shapes Black: White health
inequities in the United States. Make sure to describe the historical context, and the specific ways in which
socioeconomic factors and non-socioeconomic factors serve as mechanisms through which Black inequities in
health are produced. Make sure to present a clear picture of these concepts, with evidence, so that your
legislators can better understand the landscape.



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