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You have been hired to develop a health communication Public Service Announcement (PSA) to promote
actions that will slow the spread of coronavirus (e.g., social distancing, hand washing) among individuals in
their 20s and 30s.
You should target one of the recommendations presented by the CDC here:
Write a brief PSA message to be delivered by one type of mass media channel that requires verbal delivery
(e.g., TV, radio) using the following criteria:
a: Approximately 60 seconds (pay attention to the number of words, and time this to see if you can do it without
b: Start the message with a brief hook (e.g., “news” story; narrative account; visual). The hook does not doesn’t
have to be a real story; you can make it up. Remember, this is the part to grab viewers’/listeners’ attention.
c: The second component of the PSA should contain a piece of relevant health information.
d: The last component should be an action people can take in the next week or so relevant to the public health
goal (decreasing spread of coronavirus).
References are not needed.

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