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Graphic Design Analysis Form

Please refer Art&Design_Termonology Terms that I have attached to answer these questions. 
A.  Technique: What material or materials were used and what are their physical characteristics?  If the work is an illustration and there are drawn or painted elements, how are the drawn/painted marks applied (thickly/thinly/delicately/coarsely/etc)? What materials or software were used?  Are there photographic elements?  College?  If so, describe. If the final work is a print, what type of print is it?
B.  Composition:  (How the elements/parts of the work are are arranged).  Is the work symmetrical or asymmetrical?  Do the elements or parts seem ordered/patterned or dynamic/freeform/accidental?  Is the work simple or minimal, or complex and dense?  Is there a formal compositional structure (the sense of an underlying grid that the shapes are placed within)?
C.  Forms/Shapes:   Describe the shapes of the elements within the work.  E.g., Organic/curved, rectilinear/straight, representational, abstract, figurative (representing a human figure), typographical, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, irregular, accidental, thin, thick, light, heavy, etc?  ‘Lines’ would constitute ‘shapes’ in a two-dimensional work, as would copy (the text/words).  What are the dominant shapes? Are the shapes flat, or do they have a sense (through shading/modeling) of mass, or three-dimensionality?
D.  Size:  Is there a variation in size of the elements/shapes within the work?  What is the largest?
E.  Space:  Is there an illusion of depth/space within the work? How is depth suggested (diminishing size, overlapping, atmospheric perspective, linear perspective, etc.), if at all?
F.  Color:  (including black & white, and all of the grays).  Are the colors bright or subdued?  Are there many colors or few (‘wide’ or ‘limited’ palette)?  What are the dominant colors?  Are the colors warm (reds/yellows) or cool (blues/greens)?  Are the colors opaque or transparent? What is the psychological effect of the colors used? 
Describe what you see.  Be specific.
G.  Position/Direction:  Is there a particular position or direction of the elements in the work or the work itself, relating to the elements within the work, to the binding edge (border), or to you, the viewer.
H.  Gravity/weight:  (not physical but visual; heaviness, lightness, stability, instability).  Is there a sense of weight within the composition?   Do some elements appear “heavier” or “lighter” than others?   How is this achieved?
I.  Emphasis:  Is there a particular focal point?  Which elements pull the viewer’s attention/gaze to a particular part of the work? What is the first element you see in the work?   The second?  How is this achieved?  (Contrast – see below – often creates a focal point). 
J.  Contrast/Variety:  Are there obvious variations in light/dark?  In size?  In color, etc.?  How is this achieved?  What is the effect of these contrasts on you, the viewer (E.g., do they create a focal point, or point of visual tension within the work)?
K.  Rhythm:  Is there a noticeable movement or visual flow (of your eyes) within the work?  Observe how your gaze is induced to move through the work. Is the general feeling you get kinetic (active/energetic/ in motion) or static (inactive/rigid)?  It may be both.  How is this achieved?  Is there pattern or repetition of elements/forms that creates visual movement or activity, or inactivity? 
L.  Unity/Harmony:  Is there a dominant sense of harmony or continuity?  How is this achieved?  Which element or elements (color, form, shape, texture, etc.) help to promote consistency the most, and how?  Do the elements create a unified whole or a work that seems disjointed/chaotic?  Is this intentional?
 2. INTERPRET (You may cite outside sources in this section, to provide commentary on meaning/purpose/
history/symbolism, etc., but the majority of the questions are subjective, and really should be
your personal responses to the work.)
A.  What is the designer trying to say or do with this work?  What, if any, is its purpose? Is the work an advertisement?  If so, what is being advertised?  Who is the target audience? How does the designer use the elements and principles of design to express some quality or information about the product?  How does the designer make you feel about the product/idea/statement that is being communicated?
B.  How do the subject/themes/symbols/forms/elements/composition, etc. convey specific or abstract ideas, values, sentiments, etc.?  If there are symbolic or allegorical elements within the work (or the work itself), what are they and how should they be interpreted? What do these elements and the work itself say about the period or culture in which it was created?  Be specific.
Please research the specific work and/or designer, and provide a brief (minimum 300 word) statement.  Please put this information into your own words.  Must cite a reference to a minimum of one (1) source.  These could be referencing any and all information pertaining to the specific work, the designer, or the period or culture in which it was created. Further research may include information regarding the general style of the work.


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