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Please strictly follow the structure of the thesis, see attached “requirements”. It must be a clear flow of thoughts. References should not be included in page count.
Please make the survey and provide it to 9 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands from Lithuania: also do the analyses of data received. I would like to review the survey questions before it gets delivered to the companies.
The aim of the research is to provide consultative advice to the SME’s in Lithuania that has no global exposure on how to expand the business globally: what are the pros and cons (qualitative and quantitative analysis preferred). Also, advice to the person who wants to start an eco-friendly fashion company/e-commerce platform what are the steps to be taken.
I want the reader to proofread: introduction, background, and literature review – if needed – edit/amend to be in line with the following content which is methods, analysis, and results, conclusion that are described in the attached document “requirements”.
The writing style must remain analytical and precise. Referencing must be The Academy of Management Review (AMR) style. An alphabetically ordered list of references. IMPORTANT: Spacing 1.5, font size 11 Arial.



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