Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation A

Knowledge K1 – Critical understanding of global entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability issues and challenges. K2 – Critical appraisal of a micro – enterprise project based activity through active research, innovation, development and pitching of a unique solution. K3 – Critical reflection of entrepreneurship and innovation theories, concepts and techniques. Skills S1 – Enterprise work – based skills and attributes (Team work, analytical, problem solving creative & strategic thinking, information and computer technology, ability to think laterally, report writing, business and financial planning – marketing, operations, human resource, legal, ethical and global awareness; ability to pitch ideas, numeracy and grammar, budgeting, forecasting time keeping and networking). S2 – Communication skills – written & oral, awareness and use of new technology and social media including the development of research, concept development, networking, presentation skills as well as pitching an idea to potential investors or stakeholders. S3 – The ability to research, innovate, identify, design, plan, undertake, manage and exploit an entrepreneurial and innovation opportunity. This assignment is an individual piece of work but requires you to contribute to a global team micro-enterprise activity to achieve the learning outcomes. It is essential that you contact your tutor for assistance. It is composed of one piece of assessment including formative and summative elements. 2 The assessment will be based on an enterprise project Word Guide 3000 – 4000 words in length. The Formative assessment will be grouped based and will include a final presentation or ‘pitch’ to allow students to develop ideas with the enquiry based approach to learning. Structure: The structure of the assignment is shown in Figure 1. It comprises of Part 1 Theory Part 2 Micro-Enterprise 3 Reflection. __________________________________________________________________ Part 1 Theory – meeting the K1 learning outcome Critical understanding of global entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability issues and challenges. Word Guide 1200 – 1500 Words – Weighting 40% Thematic Options – You will need to contextualise your research. Title: Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation: 2020 Vision or Myopia? A Geo-Politics and Philosophy. B Business Start-ups; Small Business Development, Developing successful global business ideas and exploiting global markets; Business Models, Operations. C Social/Corporate/Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Ethics, and Philanthropy. D UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. E Popular culture and Cultural Entrepreneurship. F Human Resource, Leadership; Gender, Ethnicity, and Inclusion – Diversity and Equality. G Global Marketing; brands and social media. H Finance – Crowd funding, Crypto-currency, Block Chain, Financial dealings, business planning challenges and issues. I The Law and Global Entrepreneurship: Protecting your idea and Business – intellectual Property, patents, trademarks, counterfeiting. J Value Creation and Co-Creation; Internet of things; Innovation. K Your own option agreed with the Module Leader. * This could be a fusion of the above.

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