General Motors

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General Motors Assignment:

This assignment is designed to provide you with an opportunity to apply the theories and concepts we learned to a current business corporation. It includes both a slide presentation and written report. 1. Introduction and Background of the Organization: • As part of the introduction, explain why your group selected this company. • Background of company to include product, vision, mission, industry. • Which of the four types of global organizations is the company? Explain. 2. Organizational Culture: • Identify and explain four cultural values of the organization. • Overall, how would you evaluate the culture of the company? • Is this culture appropriate for the organization’s vision and mission? 3. External Environment: • How is the industry changing? • What opportunities and challenges does it present? • Identify 2 -3 major trends for the industry and the impact this will have on the sector. 4. SWOT Analysis: • Based on all the information you have gathered, perform a SWOT analysis for the company with recommendations. • What are the company’s strengths for the future? • What are the company’s weaknesses for the future? • What competition will the company face in the future? • What opportunities does the company have in the future? 5. Summary and Conclusion: • Overall evaluation of the company and its future. Is the company, its culture, and its products prepared for the future? • Would you like to work for this company–why or why not? 

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