For patients who are on telemetry, do proper electrode practices and placement reduce the amount of false alarms for nursing and hospital staff?

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 Guidelines for EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE PAPER Topic: Development of an Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Guideline Scholarly paper about your suggested guideline. Your topic is a nursing focused topic of interest to you that is relevant to your practice setting. Your paper will include sections on: 1. PROBLEM –  Discussion of the problem and why it is significant to nursing practice and healthcare.  The PICO question is presented in this section. 2. EVIDENCE –  What databases did you use to find your evidence? What were your search terms for the evidence?  Summarize the evidence you found on the topic that answers the PICO question.  Include the appendices to your paper per APA guidelines for formatting. Be sure to reference the Appendices in your paper text.  What are your specific recommendations for a practice change? 3. TRANSLATION –  What is the feasibility, fit and appropriateness of your recommendations, including potential barriers? Costs, resources, personnel? Barriers to implementation?  Develop an action plan which will include support and resources needed for implementation.  What method will you evaluate if the change proposed is effective?  Specific measurable goals and a timeline for implementation and evaluation.  How could you disseminate the findings of your proposed change in nursing practice? 4. CONCLUSION – brief summary of your paper

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