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Conduct research on a topic related to food, nutrition, management, and/or leadership. (pick any topic you like) Please review at least five articles/sources and provide a summary of the articles/sources reviewed. The research review needs to include the following and the reference page must be in proper APA format, 1. Introduction 2. A Summary Page a. Overview of the article/sources b. Summary of research and research techniques used c. Findings of the research d. Is this new data or a report of existing data? e. Summarize in your own words and without the use of quotes 3. An analysis page a. A description of what the author(s) did well or could have improved upon b. Is there evidence of bias from the author(s)? c. Is any data omitted, that you would have included? 4. An application page a. Is the information useful b. State what you learned from the article 5. A conclusion *Please note, the articles need to be within the past 5 years.

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