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PhD proposal in Financial Technology (in Finance). I would like the research to be easy, understandable and attractive. Please make sure about: are there enough sources, data and so on to do PhD thesis. The proposal should cover the following: 300 to 500 words abstract giving a summary of the Research Proposal. A working title of the topic area. Identify the motivation. Relevant literature highlighting the current gap and potential research questions. Methodology (Mixed methods). Timescale/research planning such as Gantt chart. Bibliography. you may have two sub-sections: 1. Theoretical literature 2. Empirical literature (just a thought) The resources that you used should be from the top journals in accounting and finance. I would appreciate if this section is written in a more critical way and to consider identifying the main themes to be used as a diver to write thematical-based literature NOT author-based literature. 

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