Financial crime/cyber security

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Your approach to the literature review should include the following steps. • Provide a brief, informative and relevant title that establishes the financial crime/cyber security topic which is to be explored in the proposed case study research. • Draw upon existing knowledge to identify a significant issue which relates to an aspect of financial crime/cyber security. • Define your topic using appropriate journal articles, class readings, or scholarly reviews of the literature for background information. • Use databases to find books, articles and web sites relevant to your topic. • Evaluate the types and appropriateness of information used and describe what is known about this issue in the relevant literature. • Complete an annotated bibliography explaining why each resource is appropriate for your paper and how it will support the case study. Total word count: 1,000 words. This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes: * Analyse the changing regulatory environment and the new cyber security risks facing businesses, professions and the community. * Apply critically reflective practice and research outputs to produce new insights and knowledge into the political, economic, environmental, cultural and social impact of financial crime. * Recognise the national and international responses to financial crime and their links to the financing of terrorism organisations, money laundering and other drug related crimes. * Identify an issue critical to some aspect of financial crime/cyber security theory, policy or practice and augment research skills by organising, analysing and synthesising available academic and professional research, using appropriate disciplinary content and methodology related to the selected issue.

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