Feedback after watching symphony orchestra

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Program: 1. Flute Concerto(1940) Aram Khachaturian (Violin Concerto transcribed by Jean-Pierre Rampal,1968. (1908-1978) -Allegro con fermezza -Andante sostenuto -Allegro vivace 2.”Four Sea Interludes” from Peter Grimes Benjamin Britten -Dawn (1913-1976) -Sunday Morning -Moonlight -Storm 3. La mer Claude Debussy -De I’aube a midi sur la mer. (1862-1918) -Jeux de vagues -Dialogue du vent et de la mer Please • What stuck out for you the most about the concert-going experience? What focus your response on the following questions: about the crowd? The demeanor of people onstage, or in the audience? • What piece did you enjoy the most? Why? • Please choose one work and describe how it sounded to you. Be as specific as you can. Did it tell a story to you? Or was it more a series of feelings or moods? Were you drawn in? Was it beautiful, weird, exciting, boring? If so, how and why? • Compare your experience of this work with the description given to you in the program notes for the concert. • Compare your experience with the listening you did for your pre-concert assignment. • As with the pre-concert assignment, please try to use the vocabulary we discussed in the opening units of our class. Terms: Rhythm and Meter rhythm beat accent meter duple meter triple meter simple meter compound meter syncopation tempo Dynamics, and Timbre dynamics crescendo decrescendo tone color or timbre Melody and Harmony melody motive theme phrase harmony consonant dissonant tension resolution Musical Form and Musical Style form repetition contrast variation.

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